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WastePlan Buyback

WastePlan specialises in on-site waste management and has staff on more than 350 sites across South Africa, however, the commercial function of our business could never cater for the person or recycler that needed a place to sell their material and that is where our new buyback division comes in.

Have a look at the below sections to get to know us and the buy back program.


About us

WastePlan started out as a small company in 2003 with one drive behind it, the vision of the CEO - Bertie Lourens.
The vision was, and today still is, even more so, to make a difference. By difference we mean the following:

We strive to save the environment, save companies money while responsibly managing their waste, add to the welfare of the economy of South Africa, but mostly to serve and empower those that have been left in the shadows of the corporate world. 

As a company, we believe that the small guy with his little bakkie is just as important as the companies that can afford big trucks and factories. After years of doing business in the commercial industry, we have realised that there is a need for a program or project that can also cater for the "tannie Sarie" with her boot full of magazines, or for the Amos and Joel that would like to start their own recycling company.

We started our "Buyback"  division to give everyone an opportunity to recycle, there is no need for a large factory or a large fleet of vehicles, all that is needed is hard work and the belief that you can make a success of your business, we will provide support with transporting of your material and make sure that we provide a selling point for your material.

WastePlan is on a journey to create opportunity and empower the less fortunate by using what the middle-class see as "junk".


Products that we trade

Recyclable materials and challenges:

In an industry where the market is ever changing, the products being traded changes on a daily basis, every region has a different market with different pricing and possibilities for each waste type that is generated.

The above above statement makes the recycling industry a very competitive industry, with everyone fighting for the best prices on the trading of material.

At WastePlan, we have a team of people that specialise in material and trading that are constantly negotiating the best prices for buying and selling in order for us to be able to give our customer the best price. They also give guidance to the seller on what materials are best to trade at the current time in the markets and how to recognize each material and their characteristics.

In KZN we are on a drive to increase our material buyback from 400-500 tons a month to 1500 tons per month. We especially would like to increase our glass volumes and you are welcome to drop off glass at our facility and receive your payment once per week.


A few of the material types that we trade with and tips to recognise them:

20180915_094220-1PET - This is the technical term for your average cool drink bottle. As can be seen in the below image, it can be classified easily by the dot it usually has in the middle at the bottom of the bottle. The important thing with PET is to keep the different colours separated.





HL1 - This is nothing other than normal office white paper, be careful not to mix any other paper in between.






HD - A simple plastic milk container. It can be identified usually by the line that goes from one end of the bottle to the other if you look underneath.






K4 - The most commonly used form of cardboard. For the common citizen, this is the box you use to pack furniture in when you move. 






Aluminium cans - Not only does the content taste good, if you collect a lot of these, you can earn yourself quite a good income.





PP Woven bags - Your standard maize meal bag.




 - Glass as a product is also not simply just glass, unfortunately as with a lot of other material types, not all glass is recyclable. The commonly used one is a glass bottle as can be seen on the left, a good example is a beer bottle.



For more information on materials we buy or sell, kindly contact us.



Enterprise development

Starting a company, big or small, is not easy and we know it. That is why we are here to help.

In the buyback division of WastePlan, we spend a lot of time trying to help small businesses to come to existence. In Pretoria alone we have about 80 small recyclers that we give guidance to, we help them by buying their material at the best possible prices, but we also give them market advice on which materials are the best to trade. Along with buying their materials, we help them with transporting their materials and where possible we provide equipment that can help them run their business.

In Gauteng, we currently buy 400-600 tons a month of material from small businesses, which as anyone can imagine, is a boost to the rural community economies. We are expanding this division into the KZN communities and would like to welcome anyone that wants to start a small recycling business to get in touch with us.

As a company, we see Enterprise development as a very important part of what we do, it doesn't only boost the economy but it has a chain effect of positivity in the community. By helping to create business opportunities, in effect it creates job opportunities and the end result is that we help those that previously were not able to support their families, to now be able to do so.


Contact us

East Rand MRF (Kempton Park)

Address: 58 Loper Avenue, Spartan, Kempton park

Operating hours: Mon - Fri (07:00 - 17:00)

Tel: 086 111 6699


Silvertondale MRF (Pretoria)

Address: 415 Skilder street, Silvertondale, Pretoria

Operating hours: Mon - Fri (07:00 - 17:00)

Tel: 086 111 6699


Queensburgh MRF (Durban)

Address: 4 Munro Place, Queensburgh, Durban

Operating hours: Mon - Fri (07:00 - 17:00)

Tel: 086 111 6699


Kraaifontein MRF (Cape Town)

Address: Sandringham road, Kraaifontein

Operating hours: Mon - Fri (07:00 - 17:00)

Tel: 086 111 6699


Epping MRF (Cape Town)

Address: 26 Nourse Ave, Epping

Operating hours: Mon - Fri (07:00 - 17:00)

Tel: 086 111 6699

To get a representative to contact you, fill in this form and we'll get back to you.