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Carbon Tax eBook

Need some help understanding how the Carbon Tax Bill is going to affect your business and waste management? Download our eBook today and ensure that your company complies with the new bill as well as see what's in store for your business. 

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Get the ultimate guide to waste management!

This guide is a collection of our most popular waste management articles which we've compiled into one easy to read guide. If responsible waste management is important to you, then you need to read this guide. In it we cover several key insights from industry terminology to data insights.

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Recycling vs Non-Recycling

Understand the difference between waste that is recyclable and waste that is not. Download this useful infographic and stick it up so everyone in your business knows what they can recycle.  

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Covid-19 checklist


Get your COVID-19 Checklist today!

The age-old adage applies; prevention is better than cure, and while this is true, we would like to encourage everyone to review this checklist to determine when you need to isolate, or seek urgent help.

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Looking for some helpful insights into the world of waste management? Take a look at our videos and links for more information about recycling and why it’s necessary.
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Our CEO, Bertie Lourens, is an expert in the field of waste management and has spoken at several conferences, events, and interviews across the country. Download his presentations from these events to learn more about waste management, recycling, and getting to zero waste to landfill.