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health care risk waste disposal


As a business, it’s important to ensure your waste is disposed of correctly, not just for the safety of others and our environment, but also because of health and safety regulations. When it comes to health care risk waste (HCRW) it’s even more important as waste produced by health care facilities is no ordinary waste and must be disposed of properly to keep us all safe. And adding HCRW to your normal waste stream can also endanger those who sort and dispose of your waste.


What kind of waste is HCRW?

Any waste produced by health care facilities is considered HCRW, things such as:

  • Sharps
  • Gloves
  • Used medical items (such as bandages)
  • infectious waste (including highly infectious or isolation waste)
  • Anything with bodily fluids on it

But it’s important to remember that health care facilities like hospitals are not the only businesses who produce HCRW. If your business produces high volumes of any of the below you may need HCRW disposal services:

  • Sanitary waste
  • Nappy waste


How do we dispose of HCRW?

We work with our partners to safely and legally dispose of all forms of HCRW. All HCRW is safely transported to legal disposal sites and incinerated according to government regulations. 

If you use our services for your general waste management and disposal, our trained team will sort your waste on-site and ensure that any waste that is classified as HCRW is removed from your waste stream and disposed of correctly. As a business, we have a strong focus on helping you get to zero waste to landfill, so we ensure that whatever can be recycled is separated before it ends up in the HCRW stream and it is recycled responsibly with the necessary certification in place.

It’s also important to know that there are limited items that can get disposed of together with HCRW which may not be infectious and we can reduce your waste further by recycling some of these items. Please contact our team for more info.


Covid-19 waste disposal

With every business now needing to take precautions due to the Covid-19 outbreak we know that many of you are looking at options for safely disposing of waste such as gloves and masks. As mentioned above, our waste management and recycling services include on-site sorting processes which will now include the sorting and disposal of Covid-19 waste.

If you have Covid-19 waste that requires removal contact us for more information.


Fill in the form and we'll contact you to help you safely and easily dispose of your health care and medical waste. 

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