We are proud to announce that WastePlan is BEE Certified Level 1


Businesses are now actively seeking to do business with companies who value transformation and empowerment.

We have made the change to be more empowering and to value transformation in our business.

As a BEE Certified Level 1 supplier, we can offer you procurement claims for any amount spent with us.


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We are intentionally different.

We want to be noticed and be part of making a difference.That's why we always incorporate the following values into everything we do:


Our Values

As part of this drive to a better future, we have pursued five values. WastePlan is different, we want it to be different. We want people to notice the difference and we want you to be a part of the difference.


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To us, everyone is important no matter what their position is. Each individual has value, we respect age for the wisdom that comes with it, and youth for the energy that comes with it. We also respect the diversity of each culture, each culture is unique and it brings something unique to our business.


To us, integrity means we do what we say we’ll do and are always accountable for our mistakes. We also work to make sure we’re always doing what’s right.


No one person has more value than someone else. We don’t think less of ourselves, we just think of ourselves less. We truly believe that as long as you’re being humble, you’re able to make a contribution.


We don’t do business at the expense of family, but when you work at or with WastePlan you are in a family – we treat you like family. And we do our best to honour our families.


To us, equal opportunity and equal treatment to all is something we feel strongly about. We show no favouritism, no individual gets special treatment and no individual is above the law.